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Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) for Air Quality Planning and Management (AQM) and AQM Policy Mission and Technical Training

June 24-29, 2019

Laxenburg, Austria

people at training
  • During the week of June 24, 2019, the World Bank in collaboration with the Austrian Government and the International Institute of Applied System Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria arranged a combined air quality management (AQM) policy delegation and an AQM technical delegation from China to Austria.

    The policy delegation, coming mainly from the China Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), focused on gaining AQM experiences from the European Union (EU), selected European countries (Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark and the Czech Republic) and the overall UNECE Convention for Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CTLRAP) area focusing on both institutions and effective AQM polices that have resulted in particularly European countries and cities largely reaching WHO standards over the last few years.

    The technical delegation coming mainly from the China Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and provincial CRAES affiliates within the expanded Jingjinji region, focused on adapting the IIASA-developed Greenhouse Gas – Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (GAINS) model to local conditions of the expanded Jinjjinji region.

    Through the joint political and technical programs, which was funded by the World Bank’s Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) program, China will develop and implement AQM plans that is based on cost-effectiveness assessment in their 14th Five year plan (2021-25) that will further improve the air quality both in the expanded Jingjinji region and also other regions in China that has high air pollution concentrations. This will result in substantively improved environmental health conditions.     

  • Policy Delegation Program



    Mon June 24

    Program Introduction

    Welcome by the World Bank and IIASA Joint Session by AQM Policy Team and technical AQ modeling team from CRAES/RAES.


    Markus Amann, Program Director, IIASA

    Dafei Huang, Task Team Leader, World Bank

    Haolong Zhang, Director, Regional Coordination Division of Air Department, MEE


    Introduction to IIASA and its function in AQM and AQ modeling in Europe, Markus Amann

    Introduction to the program for the MEE AQM Policy delegation (Jostein Nygard, Dafei Huang and IIASA). 

    EU DG ENV First presentation to EU Ambient Air Quality Directive, National Emission Ceiling Directive and Source Specific Emission Standards.

    AQ modeling for policy making, IIASA. How IIASA designs AQ models for policy making and how they are applied EU and EU members.

    “Tailoring” of GAINS to China’s AQM conditions. IIASA. AOI.

    Presentations by CRAES/RAES team on JJJ GAINS model.

    Secondary Particle Challenges, European perspectives and experiences. Zig Klimont, IIASA. AOI. 


    Tue June 25

    One-day workshop on CLRTAP and EU perspectives.

    AQM Perspectives by Air Convention and Regional institutions (CLRTAP, EU, European collaboration).

    Opening and introduction of participants

    China: updates on AQM national program and interest to the exchange (Haolong Zhang).

    Geneva Convention CLRTAP (Richard Ballaman).

    Linking Science and Policy (Laurence Rouil). 

    EU Clean Air Policy presentation (EU DG-ENV, Susanne Lindahl)

    Morning session discussion, including EU perspectives (Carsten Larsen, ex EU DG ENV).

    AQM Perspectives by countries:

    France: Laurence Rouil

    Switzerland: Richard Ballaman

    Denmark: Carsten Larsen, MOE

    Czech Republic

    Collaboration perspectives:

    UNECE Convention/Forum for Collaboration, Anna Engleryd.


    Wed June 26


    Full-day Exchange with Austrian counterparts at national and city level


    Thu June 27

    Full-day Exchange on cleaner industrial development with UNIDO


    Fri June 28

    Field visit to Linz - “Industrial transition to clean development” -

    Office of State Government of Upper Austria. AOI.

    Sat June 29

    Wrap-up and next steps