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DIME Event: SurveyCTO for Electronic Data Collection: Advanced Topics

January 17, 2019

WebEx / MC 2-352

  • This Webinar is designed for experienced SurveyCTO users who want to learn more advanced skills. The course will be taught by SurveyCTO staff and will include hands-on exercises for participants to practice.

    Note: This event is a technical training targeted to users who have experience using SurveyCTO and want to learn more advanced skills. SurveyCTO is one of the tools for electronic data collection available to World Bank staff. A future event will discuss and compare the electronic data collection tools available to WBG users.

    Join us on WebEx.

  • SurveyCTO for Electronic Data Collection: Advanced Topics

    I.          Advanced form programming {90 minutes}

    a.         Pre-loading data from previous survey rounds

    b.         Using filtered roster choice lists to establish relationships (wife/husband, parent/child)

    c.         Working with nested repeat groups

    d.         Publishing data between forms

    II.         Collecting geo data {15 minutes}

    III.        Data encryption {15 minutes}


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