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The Annual Bank Conference on Africa: Managing the Challenges and Opportunities of Urbanization in Africa
Youth Forum on Employment, Training, and Inclusion: A Knowledge-Sharing Event for Sub-Saharan Africa
June 6-7, 2016Place du Souvenir, Dakar, Sénégal

Upwards of 50% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is younger than 25 years old. Over the next decade, 11 million young Africans will enter the labor market each year. Can the continent create enough productive employment for this new generation? What policies and measures need to be put in place to ensure that these young men and women will be able to earn a decent living and contribute to the development of their respective countries?

According to the World Bank report “Out-of-School Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa”, there are 88 million out-of-school youth, a number which makes up half of all youth on the continent. Approximately 80% of youth in Africa have precarious employment situations, with this rate being even higher in rural areas, topping 98%. In addition, many of those who do not finish secondary school or university are not able to acquire the necessary technical, social, and emotional competencies that will help them find productive employment.

The youth employment and inclusion challenge in Africa has multiple dimensions and a multisectoral approach is required in order to develop human capital. The “Youth Forum on Employment, Training, and Inclusion: A Knowledge-Sharing Event for Sub-Saharan Africa” organized by the World Bank Group Senegal office will bring together African ministers, World Bank Group experts, development partners, civil society leaders, private sector leaders, youth entrepreneurs, students, and professors to dissect this challenge and come up with solutions to improve the future of Africa’s youth.

Through interactive workshops that highlight the perspectives of key participants including youth, members of the private sector and the government, as well as innovative practices and promising solutions across the region, this forum aims to identify the main constraints and propose priority cross sectoral policies to improve skills development, integration of vulnerable youth, and the creation of productive employment. 

Session 1: Opening Ceremony

  • Madam Louise Cord, World Bank Country Director for Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Cabo Verde and The Gambia
  • Presentation of the video Journal Télévisé Rappé from Senegalese rappers Xuman and Keyti on youth in Senegal
  • His Excellency Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, Prime Minister of Senegal
  • Moderator: Mademba Ndiaye, Senior Communications Officer at the World Bank

Session 2: Regional Perspectives on Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Presentation of the findings of the regional World Bank report on youth employment in Sub-Saharan Africa followed by a Q & A session.

  • Presenter : Deon Filmer, World Bank Group Lead Economist
  • Moderator : Mamadou Ndoye from RevEvolution

Session 3: Perspectives on Youth Employment in Senegal

  • Mariam Tendou Kamara, Director of the Agency Baantou and founder of the Inter’Actes plateform and the Madame Digitale campaign.
  • Kemo Touré, Founder of Wutiko
  • Ousmane Seck, Technical Advisor to the director general of ANPEJ
  • Cécile Leccia, Head of recruitment, training, and careers at the Terrou Bi
  • Moderator : Oumy Ndour from Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise (RTS)

Session 4: Hearing from Youth

Young graduates and entrepreneurs will discuss the challenges and opportunities in Senegal through a panel discussion.

  • Pape Ousmane Ndiaye of Yeesal Agriculture, an organization promoting youth entrepreneurs in agriculture
  • Cherif Ndiaye of Écoles au Sénégal, will speak on skills training and skills mismatches
  • Aissatou Ba, railway transport engineer for GCO (a zirconium production and exportation mine)
  • Moustapha Diakhate, a tourism specialist, Cabinet CLIC (guide and interpreter for the U.S. military)
  • Moderator : Thierno Niang of RevEvolution

Session 5: Promoting Youth Integration into the Labor Market and Youth Productivity

Session presided over by His Excellency Mame Mbaye Niang, Minister of Youth and Employment.

  • Zacharie Ngueng, Ministry of Vocational Training, Cameroon
  • Comlan Cyr Davodoun, Social Economist and Private Sector Development Expert, Benin
  • Aifa Fatimata Ndoye, Senior Economist in Agriculture and Agribusiness at the World Bank, Senegal
  • Adama Bamba, Coordinator at the Employment Programs Coordination Office, Cote d’Ivoire
  • Moderator: Aline Coudouel, Senior Economist in Social Protection at the World Bank

Photo Exhibition “One Day, I Will ” by Vincent Tremeau

Session 6: How to Help Out-of-School Youth Overcome Obstacles to Employment and Improve the Quality and Pertinence of Skills

  • His Excellency Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of National Education, Senegal
  • Nicolas Reuge, Regional Education Specialist, UNICEF, Senegal
  • Emanuela DiGropello, Program Leader at the World Bank
  • Raja Bentaouet Kattan, Program Leader at the World Bank, Senegal
  • Moderator : Mademba Ndiaye, Senior Communications Officer at the World Bank

Session 7: Finding Solutions to Bridge Skills Gaps and Mismatches

Session presided over by His Excellency Mamadou Talla, Minister of Vocational Training and Craftsmanship.

  • Nana Engo, Ministry of Higher Education, Cameroon
  • Auxence Léonard Okombi, Secretary General, Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education and Employment, Republic of Congo
  • Hermann Toualy, Deputy Coordinator for the « Employ Youth » project, Office of Employment Programs Coordination, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Didier Maixent Djeigo, Director General, National Employment Agency, Benin
  • Omar Agbanba, Director General, National Volunteer Agency, Togo
  • Moderator : Emanuela DiGropello, Program Leader at the World Bank

Session 8: Using Art as Means to Integrate Youth

  • Presenter: Amadaou Fall Ba, Head of Africulturban
  • Performance by the theater troupe “Hope from the Suburbs”

Session 9: Forum Conclusions and Priority Actions for 2016-2026

  • Madam Louise Cord, World Bank Country Director for Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Cabo Verde and The Gambia
  • His Excellency Mame Mbaye Niang, Minister of Youth and Employment
  • His Excellency Amadou Ba, Minister of Economy, Finance, and Planning
  • Date: June 6-7, 2016
  • Time: 09:00am
  • Location: Place du Souvenir, Dakar, Sénégal
  • CONTACT: Daniella van Leggelo-Padilla
  • dvanleggelo@worldbank.org

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