How is Child Care Quality Measured
May 24, 2016Washington DC

This event is part of the Early Learning Partnership virtual series.

The event will launch a new toolkit designed as a resource for researchers and technical staff of any discipline, working for governments and institutions interested in measuring and monitoring the quality of child care centers serving infants ages 0 to 3 years. Download the book at:

  • Florencia Lopez Boo

    Sr Social Protection Economist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
    Florencia Lopez Boo's work focuses on early childhood development and evaluation of the impact of social protection programs. Most of her current work includes projects and evaluations to inform scalable approaches to parenting interventions. Other research includes work on the measurement of quality in child care settings for very young children.
Event Information
  • Location: World Bank J 10-160: 701 18th St NW Washington DC
  • Time: 9:00-10:00am EST
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