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7th World Bank - KOTI Joint Workshop, 2016
April 19, 2016Washington D.C. World Bank HQ

Transport Infrastructure Investment Strategies for Developing Countries, Learning from Korea’s Experiences.

Korea has achieved phenomenal growth over the past 40 years based on its consistent investment of transport infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports and ports. The nation kept expanding the transport infrastructure through comprehensive national territorial development programs, Five-Year Economic Development Plans, and a special account designed to facilitate the installation and maintenance of transport facilities. Such a development scheme, which has made it possible for Korea to turn itself into an aid donor after being a recipient of international aid until the 1990s, is now being closely watched by the world and numerous developing countries are showing a keen interest in the development of transportation in Korea.

This workshop, with leading experts from the Korea Transport Institute and World Bank Transport & ICT Global Practice, will discuss Korea’s experiences as well as global trends by the World Bank perspectives in transport infrastructure investment and how the key achievements and lessons could be applied to developing countries. Areas of topic include national transportation network plan and financing schemes, opportunities to leverage emerging innovation such as big data, ICT and internet of things, as well as economic implications and challenges in the implementation of public transit reform for addressing metropolitan traffic issues. The discussions at the end of each session will also focus on identifying areas of collaboration between the World Bank and KOTI on research, knowledge sharing, staff learning and prospective future projects.



  • Introductory Remarks by Pierre Guislain, Senior Director, T&I GP, The World Bank
  • Congratulatory Remarks by Hohyun Jang, Minister for Economic Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Washington D.C.
  • Keynote Speech by Chang Woon Lee, President, The Korea Transport Institute, Transport Infrastructure Investment for Economic Development

2:00-3:00PM - SESSION 1 | Chair: Young-Jun Moon, Ph.D., Chief Director, The KOTI

2:00PM - National Transportation Network Plan and Financing Scheme  by ChoongYeol Ye, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, The KOTI

2:15PM -  Multimodal Transport Plans: Strategies and Experiences by Luis Blancas, Senior Transport Specialist, The World Bank

2:30PM - Discussion and Q&A | Discussant: Mohammed Essakali, Operations Advisor, South Asia Region, The World Bank 

3:00-4:00PM - SESSION 2 | Chair: Aurelio Menendez, Practice Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean Region, T&I GP, The World Bank

3:00PM -  Economic Implications of Public Transit Reform for Addressing Metropolitan Traffic Issues - Bus Reform and Metro PPP Cases in Seoul by Jinyoung Park, Ph.D., Research Fellow, The KOTI

3:15PM -  Challenges in the Implementation of Metro Projects: the World Bank Experience by Georges Darido, Lead Urban Transport Specialist, The World Bank

3:30PM -  Discussion and Q&A | Discussant: Ke Fang, Lead Urban Transport Specialist, The World Bank 


4:15-5:15PM -  SESSION 3 | Chair: Boutheina Guermazi, Practice Manager, ICT Unit, Transport and ICT GP, The World Bank

4:15PM  -  Utilizing Big Data, Information and Communication Technology, Location-based Smartphone Apps for Improvement of Urban Transport System by Youngkook Kim, Ph.D., Research Associate, The KOTI

4:30PM - Big Data in Support of Transport Policy Decisions on Accessibility and Affordability by Shomik Mehndiratta, Lead Urban Transport Specialist, The World Bank

4:45PM - Discussion and Q&A | Discussant: Young-Jun Moon, Ph.D., Chief Director, The KOTI

5:15-5:30PM - CLOSING - Jose Luis Irigoyen, Director, Transport and ICT, The World Bank Chang Woon Lee, President, The KOTI