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Korea Green Innovation Days
Korea Green Innovation Days
February 12-14, 2014Washington, D.C.

A two-day discussion of Korea’s experience implementing its green growth strategy: What worked, why it was successful or not, and how it can be replicated in other infrastructure and urban projects globally.

Join a two-day workshop with Korean experts to learn from case studies from Korea’s experience in implementing its green growth strategy. The workshop will provide examples of what has worked, why it has been successful or not, and how it can be replicated in other infrastructure and urban projects globally.

Korea Green Innovation Days is sponsored by the Korea Green Growth Partnership Secretariat to learn from Korea’s green growth implementation strategy and mechanisms used, including how to deliver goods and services for achieving efficient and effective results. 

DAY 1, Feburary 12

9:00 Opening Session
Speakers include:
· Bok-Hwan Yu, WBG Korea AED
· Seung-Hoon Lee, Co-Chairman of the Committee on Green Growth
· Ho-Hyun Jang, Deputy Director General, MOSF
· Rachel Kyte, World Bank Group Vice President & Special Envoy, Climate Change
· Sang-Hyup Kim, Former Senior Secretary to the President, Korea

10:35 Green Growth - Myth or Reality? 
Speakers include:
· Soo-Gil Young, Former Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth
· Sang-Hyup Kim, Former Senior Secretary to the President, Korea
· Danny Leipziger, Managing Director of the Growth Dialogue

12:15 Public & Private Sector Technology Initiative Case
Speakers include:
· Joon-Ho Ko, Seoul Metropolitan Government
· Oh-Joong Kwon, Korea Smart Card Co. LTD

13:45 New Financial Instrument for Green Growth in Action 
Speakers include:
· Ki-Hoon Kwak, Korea EXIM EDCF

14:05 Green Technology & Innovation
Speakers include:
· Hee-Chan Kang, Korea Environment Institute
· Sang-Hun Lee, Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning

15:00 Concurrent Workshops, A-C

Workshop A: Transport & Urban 
· City of Gwangju and UEA Secretariat: How Municipal Initiatives Become Green Growth Solutions
· Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT): Consensus Building Among Local Governments to Achieve National Inclusive Green Transport
· Korea Institute of Transport (KOTI): Regional Transport Corridors to Build Growth Centers

Workshop B: Energy & Water 
· KEMCO NREC: Experiences in New & Renewable Energy Deployment Program
· KETEP: Smart Grid Pilot
· K-Water: Flood Risk and Supply Management (DRM Command Center)

Workshop C: Climate Efficient Industry
· KICOX: Eco-Industrial Park Development
· KEMCO: Energy Efficiency Policy and  Implementation
· Han-Koo Yeo, IFC: IFC Low-carbon/Climate-efficient Industry Project Case

17:00-18:00 Wrap-up of Workshops & Korean Green Growth Partnership Presentation 

DAY 2, February 13

9:00 Opening Session 
Speakers include:
· Marcene Broadwater - Global Head of Climate Strategy & Business Development, IFC
· Seung-Hoon Lee,  Co-chairman of the Committee on Green Growth

9:20 Green Business 
Speakers include:
· Corinne Figueredo, Senior Investment Officer, Climate Business Department (IFC)
· Dana Younger, Adviser, Global Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department (IFC)|
· Ha-Young Lee, Investment Officer, IFC Representative Korea office (IFC)

10:30 Sharing Korea’s Green Business Experiences
Speakers include:
· K-Water
· POSCO Energy
· KC-Cottrell
· Samsung Everland

11:50 Green Business: Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Countries
Speakers include:
· Prashant Kapoor, Principal Industry Specialist (IFC)
· Dana R. Younger, Adviser (IFC)
· Adriana de Aguinaga de Vellutini, Manager  (IFC)
· Ju-Won Lee, Manager (K-Water) 

12:55 How IFC Engages with the Private Sector
Speakers include:
· Ha-Young Lee, Investment Officer, IFC Representative Korea office

13:15-16:00 Networking and one-on-one meetings

Korea Green Innovation Days