Improving Job Quality: Creating a Comparative Advantage or Pricing Yourself or Pricing Yourself Out of the Market?
May 20, 2013Washington, D.C.

In this interactive Q&A session, speakers discuss recent evidence of the relationship between working conditions and development outcomes in low-income countries.

A Jobs and Shared Prosperity Day event

For millions of poor, unskilled workers, jobs in apparel manufacturing are a first step toward escaping poverty. However, harsh working conditions in apparel factories have contributed to a large and growing debate about globalization and labor standards most recently highlighted by the tragedy in Bangladesh in which 1,127 garment workers were killed when a building collapsed. The session provides the perspectives of the private sector, academics, and development practitioners. The debate also focuses on the Better Work program, a partnership between ILO and IFC working with buyers, factories, and governments to improve working conditions in apparel.


Darryl Knudsen, Director, Global Partnerships & Public Policy, Gap Inc.

Raymond Robertson, Professor of Economics, Macalester College

Carlos Sobrado, Senior Poverty Specialist, EASPT, World Bank


Amy Luinstra, Better Work Program Manager, IFC

Event Details
  • When: 2-3:30 p.m.
  • Where: MC4-100, World Bank Headquarters
  • CONTACT: Mame Niasse