Paraguay: Access to Public Information Law

November 05, 2015

World Bank

On 18th September the Access to Public Information Law came into force in Paraguay.

The passing of the first Access to Public Information Law guarantees free access to sources of public information to all Paraguayans. 

At the World Bank we, alongside the Ministry of Justice, undertook a series of exchanges bringing international experts to Paraguay to share their experiences and best practices develop an effective means of implementing this law.

Below you can access all the content created by the World Bank to promote this initiative. 

Feature: Learning from peers: Implementing the Access to Information law in Paraguay

The government shared experiences with other countries in the region to implement the law on access to information that will benefit all Paraguayans.

Feature: Paving the way to implement the Access to Information Law

On September 18th the Law on Access to Public Information will come into full effect in the country. The government and civil society are actively involved in a series of exchanges with regional experts to move towards full and effective implementation of the new law.

Interview: "Exchanging Experiences Enriches Strengthened Rights to Access to Public Information in the Region"

Conversation with Mariana Gatti, adviser to the Unit of Access to Public Information (UAIP) of the Agency for the Development of Electronic Government and Knowledge and Information Society (AGESIC) in Uruguay

Interview: “Now information is the rule and secrets are the exception”

Conversation with Marcelo Levy, expert from the Comptroller General's Office (CGU) from Brazil