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Essay, Poetry, Artistic Competition on Ending Poverty in Malawi: Call for Entries

June 23, 2015

David Hung / FlickR

Deadline for submitting entries is 30 June 2015 by 4.30p.m.

The World Bank Group has been Malawi’s development partner since 1965. The Bank’s mission is to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

In July 2015, the World Bank will be commemorating 50 years of its partnership with Malawi. As part of its commemorative activities, the Bank would like to engage the general public to share its perspectives on what it will take to end poverty in Malawi considering that the country still remains one of the ten poorest in the world. The Bank would like views expressed through competitive essays, poetry, cartoons and photographs. Views could cover any range of issues that affect the fight against poverty.

Entries are now invited as follows:

  • Category A: A Better Malawi Essays and Poetry
    People below the age of 40 are invited to express the Malawi they envisage in the next 20 years, and what it will take to end extreme poverty in this generation in view of the current development environment.
  • Category B:  Down Memory Lane Essays and Poetry
    People above the age of 40 are invited to submit essays and poems reflecting on what makes Malawi to still remain poor, and what could be done to end extreme poverty in this generation based on lessons/experiences of the past.
  • Category C: Development in Cartoons
    This is open to all. The cartoon should creatively express obstacles or facilitators to Malawi’s fight against poverty.
  • Category D: Photography and Paintings
    This is open to all. The photo should capture a distinct message on poverty, with an explanation in no more than 100 words on what the story is. The photo should be of high quality.


  • Essays should be in English, type-written in no more than 2000 words. Writers are encouraged to title their essays in line with their selected focus. The essay could be of any kind, e.g. descriptive, critical, cause/effect, etc.
  • Poems and cartoons can be in English or Chichewa
  • Deadline for submitting entries is 30 June 2015 by 4.30p.m.
  • E-mail entries to infomalawi@worldbank.org
  • Hand deliver entries to World Bank, Mulanje House, City Centre, Lilongwe or post to P.O. Box 30557, Lilongwe 3
  • Indicate you name, contact details including phone number, and the category you are entering.
  • Entries will be considered on the basis of originality, relevance, persuasiveness, and quality.
  • Enquiries call 01 770 611 and ask for the Poverty Competition Desk


There will be 7 sets of prizes – 2 sets (essay and poetry) in category A; 2 sets in category B (essay and poetry); 1 set in category C (cartoons) and 2 sets in category D (photography and paintings). Each set has monetary prizes broken down as follows:

  • 1st prize – US$1000 
  • 2nd prize – US$750 
  • 3rd prize – US$500 
  • 4th prize – US$350 
  • 5th prize – US$250

Selected  competitive  entries  will  be  compiled  into  a  publication  titled  What  Will  It  take  to  End  Poverty  in  Malawi  – Perspectives from Malawians.