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1962 Presidential Transition - Eugene R. Black to George D. Woods

The World Bank
The first four World Bank presidents in one image: Eugene Meyer and John McCloy (above), Eugene Black and George Woods (below).


In this photograph, Eugene Black (left) speaks with George Woods (right) who succeeded him as fourth President of the World Bank, International Development Association, and Chairman of the International Finance Corporation. The two portraits in the background are Eugene Meyer on the left (first President of the World Bank from June 1946 - December 1946), and John McCloy on the right (second World Bank President from March 1947 - July 1949).

On July 1st, 2012 the World Bank welcomed its 12th President. A concise history of all World Bank Group Presidents can be found on this website. As well, descriptions of the archival records from the Office of the President during the Woods, Black, and McCloy presidencies can be found in the Office of the President fonds (WB IBRD/IDA EXC) description on the Archives Holdings website. These and many other stories about past World Bank Group Presidents can be found in the World Bank Group Archives - find out more about our holdings!