Prem Sangraula

Economist, Development Research Group

Prem Sangraula is an Economist in the Development Research Group. He updates and maintains the global poverty database for generating $1/day, $2/day Bank's official poverty estimates. He prepares the Poverty and Distribution tables for the World Development Indicators. He also upholds and updates the PovcalNet website in which the $1/day, $2/day poverty estimates can be replicated as published in WDI. As a member of global poverty monitoring team, he has expertise in household survey design, operation and poverty analysis. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked as a Statistical Officer for nine years at the Central Bureau of Statistics, Government of Nepal. He did his Master in Economic Policy Management from Columbia University, New York, in 1998.
Tel : +1 202 458 9740


  • Poverty Measurement and Analysis