M. Coskun Cangoz

M. Coskun Cangoz as the Head of Debt and Risk Management at the World Bank Treasury, has overall responsibility for debt management advisory activities, which include country assignments, training courses, and publications.

He has around 25 years of hands-on experience in different areas of debt management, including the development of bond markets, risk management, internal operations and cash management. Before joining the Bank, Mr. Cangoz was a civilservant in Turkey and served in different capacities including the Director General for Public Finance at the Undersecretariat of Treasury. He led the public debt management reform in Turkey, established the Risk Management Department and modernized the cash management. He published several papers and books in the field of public finance and heis the co-editor of the book 'Treasury Operations in Turkey and Contemporary Sovereign Treasury Management'.

He holds Ph.D. in Sociology from Middle East Technical University, MBA from the University of Exeter, MA in Economics and BA in Public Finance from Ankara University.