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Antonio Dávila-Bonazzi

Antonio is the Lead Financial Officer for the World Bank Treasury. He is responsible for leading the engagement with clients in Latin America and North Africa, in particular ministries of finance, municipalities and state-owned enterprises, and for supporting his clients with the financing and risk management products lineup of the World Bank. He specializes in infrastructure finance and disaster risk financing.

While in Treasury, Antonio was an advisor to the Treasury Vice-President. Prior to joining Treasury, Antonio was Division Manager in the WFA, overseeing the loan operations and borrower portfolios of the World Bank. Before joining the WB, he worked for 10 years in corporate finance in the private sector. He also worked at the Inter-American Development Bank as an trade economist.

Antonio holds a Master’s of Science in Finance degree from the George Washington University and a Master’s of Arts in Economics from American University, in Washington, D.C.