Foundation and Private Sector Partnerships

The World Bank works closely with companies and foundations to advance shared development goals. We partner for advocacy on key issues and to share knowledge, co-create solutions, and undertake collective action. Partnerships focus on climate change, education, food security, and many other critically important challenges that affect millions of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

The World Bank places high value on these cross-sector partnerships. Through partnerships, we share and blend expertise and other assets. We strengthen each other, accelerate progress, and deepen impact. The business and philanthropic communities tap into World Bank expertise and data, innovative programs, and convening and coordination capabilities. In turn, the World Bank benefits from the added knowledge, know-how, networks, and new ideas that companies and foundations bring to our work.

Businesses engage with the World Bank as part of their commitment to social responsibility; sustainability; and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

The World Bank Group’s Partnerships Team helps connect companies and philanthropies with opportunities to work with the World Bank.

Among the engagement opportunities are:

Trust Funds

Companies and foundations most commonly partner with the World Bank through our trust funds—financing and collaboration arrangements that are established with contributions from one or more development partners. Through trust funds, we take on a specific development challenge or work to find a new way to approach a pressing problem. The trust fund structure brings World Bank senior management together with partners, who provide strategic advice and collaborate on knowledge-sharing.

Learn more about World Bank trust funds.

For information on how to engage with World Bank trust funds, contact the World Bank Group Partnerships Team

Insights & Opportunities Briefings

Insights & Opportunities Briefings update partners on World Bank initiatives, serve as an opportunity for knowledge exchange and dialogue, and present ways for the business and philanthropic community to partner with the World Bank. Each Briefing focuses on a key development topic—such as climate change, food security, forcibly displaced persons, and human capital. Participants include senior World Bank staff, sustainability executives from the private sector, and representatives of philanthropies.

To learn more about Insights & Opportunities Briefings, contact the World Bank Group Partnerships Team.

Annual and Spring Meetings

The World Bank Group holds high-level meetings twice a year—the Annual Meetings, which take place in the autumn, and the Spring Meetings. These are high-level events attended by heads of state and parliamentarians, along with leaders from civil society, the broader development community, businesses, and foundations. Partners participate in regional briefings, press conferences, and fora focused on international development, the global economy, and financial markets. Heads of companies and foundations attend to share insights and to help raise visibility and advocate for shared goals, priorities, and strategies. 




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