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The International Development Association (IDA) has made progress in closing the gaps between women and men in recent years, especially in health and education.
Basira Basiratkha, principal of the Female Experimental high school in Herat, Afghanistan. Her school benefited from an IDA-supported program. © Graham Crouch/World Bank
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Between 2000 and 2015, the number of people living in extreme poverty declined by a total of 802 million in the 15 countries with the highest poverty-reduction rates, according to new analysis of World Bank poverty data. In each of these countries, an average of at least 1.6% of the population moved out of extreme poverty every year. While extreme poverty remains endemic in low-income and conflict-affected countries, seven of the top 15 countries are in Africa, and two are on the World Bank Group’s Harmonized List of Fragile Situations for FY19. Read More


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We help developing countries find solutions to the toughest global and local development challenges—from adapting to climate change to boosting food security to increasing access to energy.

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