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    The Transport Results initiative is led by the central Transport Unit (ETWTR) of the Energy, Water & Transport Department on behalf of the World Bank’s Transport Sector Board (TSB) as a component of the Infrastructure Action Plan, which was launched by the Infrastructure Vice Presidency in July 2003. Through the Transport Sector Board, ETWTR liaises with the transport sector teams in each of the six Regional Vice Presidencies

    ETWTR supports the Results Measurement section of OPC in contributing to the IDA Results framework. We also work closely with the Data Group of DEC for the annual publication of the World Development Indicators - see Transport data for 2006 - and other compilations of sector statistics and indicators. ETWTR works with the Research Group of DEC in developing the use of Living Standards Measurement Surveys and other data collection instruments.


    It is essential that this initiative is relevant to borrowing countries and to their main stakeholders in the transport sector, since it will be they who will update, analyse and use all the data involved. Main contact with the agencies of the borrowing governments is through the WB teams which work with them on the lending and other programmes. The Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy programme (SSATP) gives high priority to strengthening the measurement of performance and impact and it encourages active engagement by about twenty countries in the region. TUDTR also promotes direct consultation with key stakeholders in borrowing countries. This is done mainly through:
    • Engagement on specific issues in individual countries;
    • Consultation workshops held on a regional basis;
    • Dissemination and feedback through the Transport page of the World Bank Website (and through distribution of any related CD-ROMs).
    Many development agencies and other relevant organizations have expressed interest in the products and impact of the Transport results initiative. The following have already made specific contributions.

    Development Agencies

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