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    Headline Indicators

    The essential purpose of identifying ‘headline’ transport indicators is to ensure a balanced view at national, regional and global levels of the key role of transport services in reducing poverty, facilitating growth and contributing to achievement of key development targets. For example, the role of transport is effectively invisible in the Millennium Development Goals – even when these are considered at the second level of 47 Targets.

    A few key indicators can capture the important contributions which transport makes to national and regional development. The Rural Access indicator has been developed to contribute to the Results Measurement System of the International Development Association (IDA). The IDA system involves measuring a small number of indicators which capture key aspects of the development of the countries which receive the concessional assistance.

    Transport Headlines

    Key Transport Sector headlines have been identified to be applied universally and updated regularly. Five indicators have been endorsed as initial headlines by the World Bank Transport Sector Board. The first of these to be established was the Rural Access Index.

    Road Condition Index: This is based on the percentage of the classified road network which is in "fair" or "good" condition. Recent values are available for some countries.

    Logistics Performance Index (LPI): Global LPI Ranking with World Map shows benchmarks for overall index as well as quality of transport and IT infrastructure for logistics scoring on a scale of 1-5.

    Other 'headlines' are at various stages of development, and detailed information on these will be available soon.

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