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Core Measures: Road Transport

Road Transport (finalized) (PDF 291 KB)
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ROad Cost Knowledge System (ROCKS)
  • ROCKS was developed by the World Bank (ETWTR) in 1999, and was last updated in December 2006. The purpose of ROCKS is to develop an international knowledge system on road work costs and obtain average and range unit costs based on historical data that could ultimately improve the reliability of new cost estimates. Currently more than 3,000 records from 89 countries worldwide are available.
TRN-30: Data Collection Technologies for Road Management (PDF 360 KB)
  • The purpose of this transport note is to give a general view of the currently available survey technologies applied to pavements, bridges and traffic. The goal is to assist managers in establishing an appropriate and sustainable data collection program and procuring the appropriate equipment to collect the data.
  • The full report is available for download from:
    Road Management Catalog Website and
    World Bank Roads & Highways Reports Website.
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