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Sustainable Transport: Priorities for Policy Reform (PDF 6.7 MB)
In 1996 the Bank undertook a review of the transport sector as a whole, the previous transport sector review having been published in 1972. Sustainable Transport: Priorities for Policy Reform was published to distill the lessons of Bank experience and relate them to the emerging problems of developing and transitional economies. Although there is a wide diversity of problems and experience and no simple solution fits all countries, there are some generally applicable principles and best practices which can be identified as the basis of a policy for more sustainable transport.

Cities on the Move: A World Bank Urban Transport Strategy Review 
(PDF 985 KB)

The objectives of the strategy review are (a) to develop a better understanding of urban transport problems in developing and transitional economies, (b) to articulate an urban transport strategy framework for national and city governments, and (c) to identify the role of the World Bank in supporting governments. A strong underlying theme of the report has to do with an observed paradox, that increased affluence in many cities appears to have reduced the quality of travel, at least for poor people. Poverty is defined not only in terms of low income, but also in terms of the broader dimensions of social exclusion associated with a lack of accessibility to jobs, schools, health facilities, and social activities.

In May 2005, ten years after the publication of Sustainable Transport, the Transport Sector Board decided to update its Transport Strategy. Meanwhile, the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) has produced a draft report of recent World Bank activity in the Transport Sector - A Decade of Action in Transport: World Bank Assistance, 1995 - 2005. The current discussion of this report endorses the general findings of the Transport Sector Strategy Update, but emphasizes the need to strengthen some findings in order to produce a new World Bank Transport Strategy. It is clear that the new Transport Strategy, which is currently titled safe, clean and affordable... Transport for Development, will place a strong emphasis on continuing the Transport Results Initiative in order to verify the performance and impact of the sector and improve monitoring and evaluation.

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