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Infrastructure Action Plan

The attempt to overcome declining quality of transport sector data coincided with a Bankwide initiative to revitalize focus on infrastructure, namely through the Infrastructure Action Plan (PDF 54 KB). This was approved by the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors in July 2003.

One of the new tools developed as part of the Infrastructure Action Plan is an infrastructure assessment termed “Recent Economic Developments in Infrastructure," or REDI (PDF 34 KB). The objective of this tool is to sharpen the focus of country-level dialogue by basing analysis on improved quantitative information. The Recent Economic Developments in Infrastructure provides a guide for analyzing the infrastructure sector as a whole or individual sub-sectors. 

Following the REDI framework, the transport sector can be assessed through three different yet interrelated and flexible components with different degrees of depth in the analysis of the sector:

  • Snapshots: This component provides information on the main policy issues and may propose two to three projects that can be delivered quickly.
  • Partial Diagnostics: This component builds on the Snapshot but adds significant depth.
  • Full Diagnostics: This component defines the transport lending and policy program for the next five years and adds depth for all issues.

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