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    The Challenge

    Transport sector data readily available from low income and many middle income countries are generally limited and of poor quality. Sector data from many client countries have deteriorated significantly during the past twenty years, so international agencies and industry associations have been less successful in secondary data collection.

    In 2003, the World Bank Infrastructure Action Plan and the central Transport Unit (ETWTR) made a commitment to strengthen sector indicators under the Transport Results initiative helping to meet a hierarchy of demands for data.

    • Sub-sectors can be managed more effectively to deliver transport services cost-effectively;
    • Sector performance can be monitored in relation to policies;
    • Regional and global perspectives of transport activity, impacts, and trends.

    The challenge for the Transport Results Initiative is to establish ownership by key sector stakeholders of processes and outputs. Much of what is covered has been attempted before; in most cases, these efforts have not been sustained.

    A high priority, while coordinating with the World Bank transport thematic groups, has been to work with regional sector teams, with key development agencies and representatives in middle- and low-income countries.

    The Transport Results Initiative contributes to the evolving view of the Transport Sector. This has been articulated by an update of the World Bank's approach to the Transport Sector and by the Independent Evaluation Group's review of recent sector support.

    This presentation (PDF 2.4 MB) outlines the Transport Results initiative.

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