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In the wake of recent crises, the international community has embarked on a range of initiatives to strengthen the international financial architecture. International financial architecture refers broadly to the framework and set of measures at an international level that can help manage crises and even prevent them from occurring. In addition, there is widespread recognition that global financial stability also rests on robust national systems and hence requires enhanced measures at the country level as well. …more

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ROSC - Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes
FSAP - Financial Sector Assesment Program
Data Dissemination (IMF)
Fiscal Transparency (IMF)
Transparency in Monetary & Financial Policies (IMF)
Banking Sector Supervision (BIS)
Accounting and Auditing
Corporate Governance
  Insolvency: Global Insolvency Law Database
Insolvency: Insolvency and Creditor Rights
  Financial Abuse/Money Laundering
International Financial Architecture: A Progress Report
July 2005
International Standards: Strengthening Surveillance, Domestic Institutions, and International Markets pdf [423kb]
Draft Guidelines for Public Debt Management
International Financial Architecture: An Update of World Bank Group Activities pdf [74kb]
Social Protection
  World Bank's Financial Sector
FSF - Financial Stability Forum
IMF - Standards & Codes


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