IDA Borrowing Countries

Eligibility for IDA support depends first and foremost on a country’s relative poverty, defined as GNI per capita below an established threshold and updated annually ($1,215 in fiscal year 2016).

IDA also supports some countries, including several small island economies, that are above the operational cutoff but lack the creditworthiness needed to borrow from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Some countries, such as Vietnam and Pakistan, are IDA-eligible based on per capita income levels and are also creditworthy for some IBRD borrowing. They are referred to as “blend” countries.

Seventy-seven countries (plus India5) are currently eligible to receive IDA resources. Together, these countries are home to 2.8 billion people, half of the total population of the developing world. An estimated 1.8 billion people there survive on incomes of $2 or less a day.

Where Does IDA Work?

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1 Inactive countries: no active IDA financing due to protracted non-accrual status.
2 Blend countries: IDA-eligible but also creditworthy for some IBRD borrowing.
3 Small island economy exception: small islands (with less than 1.5 million people, significant vulnerability due to size and geography, and very limited credit-worthiness and financing options) have been granted exceptions in maintaining their eligibility.
4 Borrowing on blend terms: countries that access IDA financing only on blend credit terms.
5 India graduated from IDA at the end of FY14 but will receive transitional support on an exceptional basis through the IDA17 period (FY15-17)

77 IDA-eligible countries; 59 IDA-only; and 18 blend countries. In addition, India is receiving transitional support (see footnote 5).

IDA Articles of Agreement

IDA's Articles of Agreement became effective in 1960. The First IDA Loans, known as credits, were approved in 1961.

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IDA at-a-Glance

IDA at-a-GlanceIDA is the World Bank's Fund for the Poorest Countries.

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The ABCs of IDA

Key Achievements of IDA by Country.

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