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Water Supply Research


Policy Research Working Paper
Dasgupta Susmita, Kamal Farhana Akhter, Khan Zahirul Huque, Choudhury Sharifuzzaman, Nishat AinunMar 01, 2014

In a changing climate, saltwater intrusion is expected to worsen in low-lying coastal areas around the world. Understanding the physical and economic effects of salinity ingress, and planning adaptation, are key...

Poutiainen Pirkko, Mills AlisonFeb 01, 2014

This case study describes the integration of women producers into agricultural investment programs in Zambia as well as how women's right to land influences women as it relates to the Irrigation Development ...

Denys Erwin, Stanley Victoria, Mills AlisonFeb 01, 2014

The aim of this case study is to highlight, within the context of a gender pilot of the Peru Sierra Irrigation Project, how women's different needs were identified to facilitate their access to training and to...

Feb 01, 2014

Although Morocco has good water and sanitation infrastructure, service delivery in peri-urban areas remains a challenge. More than 1 million people currently lack access to safe water supply and sanitation ...