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Pensions Research


Working Paper
Randle Tony, Rudolph Heinz P.Mar 18, 2014

The main goal of any pension system is to ensure that members receive an adequate pension income when they retire. Whilst traditional defined benefit (DB) pension plans set out what that pension income will be in ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Verme Paolo, Barry Abdoul Gadiry, Guennouni Jamal, Taamouti MohamedMar 01, 2014

During the past 20 years, Morocco has implemented a wide range of macroeconomic, social, and labor market reforms that have delivered in terms of growth of gross domestic product and household welfare. Yet, these ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Randle Tony, Rudolph Heinz P.Mar 01, 2014

Defined contribution pension systems have faced criticism in the wake of the financial and economic crisis for not delivering adequate and sustainable pension incomes at retirement. Much of the problem has ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Betcherman GordonMar 01, 2014

Labor market regulation is a high-profile, and often contentious, area of public policy. Although these regulations have been studied most extensively in developed countries, there is a growing body of literature...

Policy Research Working Paper
de Hoop Jacobus, Rosati Furio C.Mar 01, 2014

Cash transfer programs are widely used in settings where child labor is prevalent. Although many of these programs are explicitly implemented to improve children's welfare, in theory their impact on child labor...