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Jobs and Poverty Research

    Milazzo,Annamaria, Van De Walle,DominiqueJun 23,2015
    This paper is motivated by two stylizedfacts about poverty in Africa: female-headed households tendto be poorer, and poverty has been falling in the aggregatesince the 1990s. These facts raise two questions: How havefemale-headed households fared? And what role have...
    Cord,Louise J., Genoni,Maria Eugenia, Rodriguez Castelan,CarlosJun 18,2015
    Over the last decade Latin America andthe Caribbean region has achieved important progress towardsthe World Bank Groups goals of eradicating extreme povertyand boosting income growth of the bottom 40 percent,propelled by remarkable economic growth and falling...
    Jun 03,2015
    Since the 2011 uprising that toppled theformer regime, Libya has been mired in deep politicalstrife. An economy in which agriculture once flourished wasconverted wholesale to an oil-based rentier state of themost extreme kind. Following the immediate...
    Jun 01,2015
    Jordans economy continues to slowly butsteadily recover from the Arab Spring spillovers. Thesespillovers include Egypts gas disruptions, the neighboringSyrian and Iraqi conflicts and associated securityincidents. Notwithstanding these shocks, real GDP growthrate is...
    Castañeda, Andres, Del Carmen Hasbun,Giselle Eugenia, Lucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro, Moreno Herrera,Laura Liliana, De Gouvea Scot De Arruda,Thiago, Sousa,Liliana Do Couto, Valderrama Gonzalez,Daniel, Viveros Mendoza,Martha CelmiraJun 01,2015
    The Latin America and the Caribbean(LAC) region achieved laudable gains in the 2000s in thefight against poverty. This was a decade of solid economicgrowth; substantial reduction in poverty and incomeinequality; and progress toward being a middle-classsociety. While...
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