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Jobs and Poverty Research


Bussolo Maurizio, Lopez-Calva Luis F.Apr 08,2014

The World Bank has recently defined two strategic goals: ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Shared prosperity is measured as income growth among the bottom 40 percent of the income distribution...

Policy Research Working Paper
Azevedo Joao Pedro, Atamanov AzizApr 01,2014

Turkey's poverty reduction performance in the 2000s has been remarkably consistent. Extreme and moderate poverty have fallen considerably since 2003. Between 2002 and 2011, extreme poverty fell from 13 percent to...

Policy Research Working Paper
Prennushi G., Gupta A.Apr 01,2014

The paper explores whether one of the largest programs in the world for women's empowerment and rural livelihoods, the Indira Kranti Patham in Andhra Pradesh, India, has had an impact on the economic and social ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Hirshleifer Sarojini, McKenzie David, Almeida Rita, Ridao-Cano CristobalMar 01,2014

A randomized experiment is used to evaluate a large-scale, active labor market policy: Turkey's vocational training programs for the unemployed. A detailed follow-up survey of a large sample with low attrition...

Country Gender Assessment (CGA)
D'Hoore Alain, Sulla VictorMar 01,2014

Madagascar has been entirely unsuccessful in reducing the number of its people that are poor, or extremely so, in the ten years since 2001, when poverty was already at a very high level. This well-known ...