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Indigenous Peoples Research


Public Expenditure Review
May 01, 2013

Guatemala has made tremendous strides in moving toward democracy and building institutions after a prolonged civil war, much remains to be done in generating the foundations for strong broad-based economic growth....

Policy Research Working Paper
Van de gaer Dirk, Vandenbossche Joost, Figueroa Jose LuisJan 01, 2013

This paper proposes a methodology to evaluate social projects from the perspective of children's opportunities on the basis of the effects of these projects on the distribution of outcomes. The evaluation is...

Working Paper (Numbered Series)
Pena Christine LaoJan 01, 2013

Since the signing of the 1996 Peace Accords, Guatemala has made efforts to establish economic and political stability, and to improve its social indicators. The country's Constitution states that access to health...

Working Paper
Bordia Das MaitreyiJan 01, 2013

The World Bank Group's focus on social inclusion began with the observation that even within countries, development investments produced unequal benefits. Further assessments revealed that groups with certain...

Board Report
Jan 01, 2013

This is a summary of the revised version of the Environmental Assessment (EA) and the standalone frameworks to deal with Indigenous Peoples and Involuntary Resettlement issues of the Acre Social and Economic...