Gender education gaps among indigenous and nonindigenous groups in Bolivia

    Reimao,Maira Emy Nakayama, Tas,Emcet Oktay  |  Aug 10, 2015
    This paper studies gender education gaps among indigenous and nonindigenous groups in Bolivia. Using the National Census of Population and Housing 2012 and an estimation method analogous to...

    Panama - Central America social expenditures and institutional review

    Acosta,Pablo Ariel, Almeida,Rita Kullberg, Lao Peña, Christine, Carpio,Carmen, Monsalve Montiel,Emma Mercedes, Otero,Diego Postigo, Santiago Bench,Natalia, Lindert,Kathy A.  |  Jul 06, 2015
    Panama has experienced impressive and significant economic growth, emerging as one of the better performers in Central America in recent years and one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. From 2003 to...

    Indigenous peoples development in World Bank-financed projects : our people, our resources - striving for a peaceful and plentiful planet : case studies report

    Duchicela Santa Cruz,Luis Felipe Atahualpa, Jensby,Svend, Uquillas Rodas,Jorge E., Lukic,Jelena, Sirker,Karen  |  Apr 01, 2015
    This report presents a brief discussion of indigenous peoples’ development as evidenced in a select number of case studies about World Bank financed projects that had a positive impact on indigenous peoples’ ...

    Indigenous Latin America in the twenty-first century : the first decade

    Freire, Germán, Schwartz Orellana,Steven Daniel, Zumaeta Aurazo,Melissa, Costa, Damasceno Costa, Lundvall,Jonna Maria, Viveros Mendoza,Martha Celmira, Lucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro, Moreno Herrera,Laura Liliana, Sousa,Liliana Do Couto  |  Jan 01, 2015
    In 2013 the World Bank set itself two ambitious goals: to end extreme poverty within a generation and to boost the prosperity of the bottom 40 percent of the population worldwide. In Latin America, the significance...

    Achieving MDGS 4 and 5 : Bolivia's progress on maternal and child health

    Cortez, Rafael, Lavadenz, Fernando, Saadat, Seemeen, Medici, Andre  |  Aug 01, 2014
    Bolivia is a lower-middle income country, but one of the poorest in South America, with a per capita GNI of US$ 5,750 in 2013 and an average GNI growth rate of 4.4 percent during the last ten years. Nearly 36 ...
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