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HIV and AIDS Research


Working Paper
Apr 01,2014

While overall national HIV prevalence in South Asian countries remains low, the size of the regional population means low prevalence translates into large absolute numbers of people living with HIV. Low national ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Baird Sarah, Gong Erick, McIntosh Craig, Ozler BerkMar 01,2014

An extensive multi-disciplinary literature examines the effects of learning one's HIV status on subsequent risky sexual behaviors. However, many of these studies rely on non-experimental designs; use ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Beegle Kathleen, Poulin Michelle, Shapira GilMar 01,2014

For young adults living in countries with AIDS epidemics, getting an HIV test may influence near-term decisions, such as when to leave school, when to marry, and when to have a first child. These behaviors, which...

Zivin Joshua Graff, Thirumurthy Harsha, Goldstein MarkusAug 14,2013

This brief summarizes the results of a gender impact evaluation study, entitled Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) treatment and intra-household resource allocation : children's nutrition and schooling in...

Dupas PascalineAug 14,2013

This brief summarizes the teenagers respond to HIV risk information? Evidence from a field experiment in Kenya. The training occurred over four months from February 2003 to May 2003. The relative risk campaign ...