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Growth Research

  • Spring meeting participants show their support for the campaign to end extreme poverty.

    While economic growth remains vital for reducing poverty, growth has its limits, according to a World Bank paper released April 10. Countries need to complement efforts to enhance growth with policies that allocate more resources to the extreme poor.  Read More »

Working Paper
Road construction machinery at work in Kazakhstan.

This paper estimates the effect of government investment on private investment in a sample of 39 low-income countries. The analysis finds that an extra dollar of government investment raises private investment by roughly two dollars and output by 1.5 dollars.

Lead Economist,
A student in Hanoi does research at the Vietnam Development Information Center in Hanoi, Vietnam

Understanding growth is crucial to understanding the relative merits of government interventions in international trade, financial markets, health and education, public infrastructure, and governance. Ongoing research seeks to achieve a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that translate policy actions and reforms into growth.