The Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS) Multi-Donor Trust Fund aims to support resource-rich developing nations in the governance of their oil, gas and mineral resources so they are used sustainably and transparently to reduce poverty and boost sustainable economic growth.   

To achieve this objective, the EGPS provides support for programs ranging from transparency and governance, to legal and regulatory reform, local economic diversification, institutional strengthening and social and environmental sustainability. 

Support for similar programs was previously provided through funding mechanisms such as the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Multi-Donor Trust Fund (EITI MDTF) and the Extractive Industries Technical Advisory Facility (EI-TAF); both closed at the end of 2015. 

The EGPS brings support for strengthening governance and sustainability in the oil, gas and mining sectors into one funding vehicle so that programs are more holistic in nature and have greater impact along the entire extractive industries value chain.

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EU contributes €5 million to EGPS

The European Union and World Bank Group signed a grant agreement aimed at improving governance and transparency of the EI.


Law Students Shaping the Future of Mining in Africa

African law students are changing the way we access data by leading efforts to disseminate Africa’s mining legal frameworks.


Myanmar Launches First Report on Extractive Industries Revenue

Myanmar's aims to foster transparency and help it lay the groundwork for further governance reforms in EI.


Managing Extractives for Future Generations

Learn how we work with developing countries to manage extractives for a better, more sustainable future.

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