• On January 14, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the end of the latest Ebola outbreak in Liberia, which marked the first time since the start of the epidemic that Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone had reported no cases for at least 42 days. However, the same day WHO made this announcement, Sierra Leone confirmed a new Ebola case, a woman who had died two days previously.  The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is not yet over, but it is very close. The world must remain vigilant and focused on sustaining zero cases across all of the affected countries, especially with the threat of flare-ups of the disease, while helping these three countries recover and rebuild their economies and health systems. 

    We continue to work closely with the affected countries, the United Nations, WHO, bilateral, civil society and private sector partners to support response and recovery. This includes restoring basic health services, helping countries get all children back in school, farmers back planting in their fields, businesses back up and running, and investors back into the countries. We are helping countries reignite their economies, strengthen their health systems, and build back better.

    A top priority for World Bank Group support is to build a strong and well-trained health workforce in the three countries, and build resilient health systems that can deliver essential, quality care in even the most remote areas; improve disease surveillance; and quickly detect, treat and contain future outbreaks.

    For more, please see the World Bank Group Ebola Response Fact Sheet

    Last Updated: Mar 08, 2016



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Ebola: Road to Recovery


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