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Biodiversity Research


Other Environmental Study
TunisiaFeb 01,2014

The Oasis and Ecosystem and Livelihoods Project will improve sustainable natural resources management and promote livelihoods diversification in targeted traditional oases in Tunisia. The project will positively...

Working Paper
De Nys Erwin, Alvarez Victor Vazquez, Engle Nathan Lee, Frazao CybelleJul 01,2013

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region has a unique mix of qualities and challenges when it comes to the environment. It is exceptionally endowed with natural assets, with globally significant biodiversity...

Country Environmental Analysis (CEA)
Jun 05,2013

This report provides estimates of social and financial costs of environmental damage in India from three pollution damage categories: (i) urban air pollution, including particulate matter and lead; (ii) ...

Brummett RandallJun 01,2013

Aquaculture is among the most sustainable of animal protein production systems. Growth of aquaculture is needed to meet employment and food security targets in developing countries. Investment risk co-varies with...

Policy Research Working Paper
Hamilton. KirkMay 01,2013

Biodiversity, a property of natural areas, provides a range of benefits to the economy including bioprospecting rents, knowledge and insurance, ecotourism fees, and ecosystem services. Many of these values can be ...

Toward Africa's Green Future

Lessons from a decade of World Bank support for biodiversity conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa and directions for future investment. Read More »

Valerie Hickey, Biodiversity Specialist
Biodiversity Specialist, Agriculture and Environment Services
Expanding Financing for Biodiversity Conservation

Examples from Latin America and the Caribbean of successfully finding new sources of financing for biodiversity conservation. Read More »