Global Food Safety Partnership

March 25, 2014

Credits: Curt Carnemark / World Bank, Arun Joshi / CIMMYT

Food safety is a complex problem. In today’s world, food’s journey from meadow to meal or hook to cook can include multiple steps, many vehicles, and several transformations. As demand for food increases, food is increasingly making longer and more complicated journeys with more companies participating in its production and delivery. As a result, the opportunities for the introduction and spread of contamination increase. Tackling this takes an organized, coordinated approach—across borders, governments, and industry—to ensure the safety of the world’s food.

Who We Are

The Global Food Safety Partnership is a unique public-private initiative dedicated to improving the safety of food in middle-income and developing countries.

We bring together fishers and farmers, business and industry, governments, regulatory bodies, international development organizations, and civil society to drive a globally-coordinated and locally-driven food safety approach.

What We Do

We combine food safety training and technical support so developing countries can improve their food safety systems and benefit from better compliance with food safety standards.

Tailored to the specific needs of individual countries and segmented to reach all the way up, down and across the food value chain, the Partnership benefits small farmers, food processors, retailers, supervisory and regulatory agencies, and policy-makers, among others.

Why We Are Needed

Food safety is critical to food security, poverty alleviation, and economic growth. But middle-income and developing countries may lack the capacity to address gaps in their food safety systems, or to educate producers and processors on safe food handling behaviors that could reduce the risks.

Improving skills, knowledge, and resources enhances food safety. In turn, this opens a world of new economic opportunity as developing country food producers, food processors, and other agri-food businesses are able to participate more fully in the global food value chain.

Aligning Food Safety Capacity Building Initiatives

In a globalized food chain, it can be difficult to bring together all the various players—private sector producers, processors and retailers, regulatory agencies, consumer advocates, and technical service providers—for effective collaboration on food safety.

The GFSP is a partnership that includes the range of interested public agencies and private sector companies. By creating a forum for open and frank dialogue we uncover and address constraints to improved food safety. We build consensus on the business value and public benefit of increased alignment on international food safety standards.

How to Get Involved: