About Us

Development Research Group

Located within the Development Economics Vice Presidency, the Development Research Group is the World Bank's principal research department. With its cross-cutting expertise on a broad range of topics and countries, the department is one of the most influential centers of development research in the world.

Our experts are often cited by the media, the academic community, and other stake holders interested in international development. Our researchers also provide support to the World Bank's Regions and Global Practices to help ensure that the institution's policy advice is firmly grounded in current knowledge. 

The department produces the majority of the World Bank’s research and enjoys a high international profile. The work of our researchers appears in academic journals, the Policy Research Working Papers, books, blogs, and special publications such as the Policy Research Reports.

Director of Research
Demirguc-Kunt small image Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
Research Managers
Bob Cull small image

Bob Cull 
Acting Manager, Finance and Private Sector Development


Francisco H. G. Ferreira
Senior Advisor, Poverty, Inequality, and Agriculture

Legovini image

Arianna Legovini
Manager, Development Impact Evaluation

Mattoo small image

Aaditya Mattoo 
Manager, Trade and International Integration

Serven small image

Luis Serven 
Manager, Macroeconomics and Growth

Toman small image

Mike Toman 
Manager, Environment and Energy

Wagstaff small image

Adam Wagstaff 
Manager, Human Development and Public Services