The 50th anniversary of the ICP

In 2018, the ICP celebrates the 50th anniversary of its inception in 1968 as a joint venture of the United Nations and the University of Pennsylvania, under the leadership of Irving Kravis, Robert Summers and Alan Heston. The program has come a long way since then and has evolved into the largest statistical partnership in the world with the participation of about 200 countries, 20 global, regional and sub-regional agencies, and renowned experts. In recognition of the ICP’s relevance and impact, the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) instituted the program as a permanent element of the global statistical work program in 2016.

To commemorate the ICP golden jubilee, a series of events will be organized throughout the year, starting with a celebration with all partner countries around the 49th Session of the UNSC in March 2018 in New York. A video and posters were prepared for this event, and will be exhibited in the United Nations headquarters in March 2018.