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Pamir Energy provides reliable, affordable power in this remote area of Tajikistan.

Pamir Energy is investing in new equipment both at its main hydropower station and elsewhere.

With support from the Aga Khan Foundation and the World Bank, Pamir Energy constantly maintains and improves its hydropower stations.

Customer service representatives have worked hard to earn the trust of area residents.

As a result, and thanks to support that keeps consumer prices low, residents are willing and able to pay for the power they use.

New transmission towers replace ones built and installed decades ago.

Schools in Khorog and beyond have classes in winter now, because there is heat and light.

Pamir Energy sells surplus power to Shugnan, Afghanistan, an area that was previously off the grid.

Domestic chores in Shugnan are easier thanks to electricity.

Children do homework by the light of a bulb, which is healthier and cheaper than wood fires or candles.


Slideshow: Beaming Light on Tajikistan's Roof of the World

April 12, 2012

Slideshow on the results of the Pamir Private Power Project.