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Sanaa, +967-1- 413-708/10 Fax: +967-1- 413-709

East Faj Attan Area - Off Beirut Street

Washington, +1 202-473-9887

1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433 USA

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Sieghart Lia Carol, Rogers DavidNov 01, 2013

It is predicted that the effects of climate change, especially extreme floods and droughts, will significantly affect the world's fragile and least developed countries. Yemen, with its struggling economy and ...

Sieghart Lia Carol, Rogers DavidJul 01, 2013

The Republic of Yemen, situated on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the poorest countries in the world. In addition to significant development challenges, Yemen is particularly vulnerable to ...

Other Social Protection Study
Jun 01, 2013

Civil society in Yemen is vibrant and diverse but highly fragmented. It includes independent registered and organized civic groups, less organized local self-help organizations, and charity oriented groups. The ...

Apr 01, 2013

Yemen is at a crossroads. Two years after popular unrest led to the ousting of the former president, there is now a coalition government, and the beginnings of a national political transition. March 2013 saw the...

Ivins Ingrid; Hwang HelenaMar 01, 2013

This note disseminates key lessons learned from the World Bank financed project in the Republic of Yemen, monitoring and evaluation of the poverty reduction strategy paper and reform programs, which established...

From Privilege to Competition

This report encourages MENA countries to foster a fair competitive business environment to achieve long-term, sustained growth. Read More »

Wael  Zakout Country Manager for Yemen
Country Manager for Yemen
Wilfried Engelke
Senior Country Economist for Yemen
Global Economy

In this report, the World Bank downgrades its global growth forecast for 2012 to 2.5% and warns developing countries will be impacted. Read More »