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020492 Bucharest, Romania, Tel: 40 21 201 03 11; Fax: 40 21 201 03 38

UTI Building, 6th floor, 31, Vasile Lascar St. Sector 2
Washington, +1 202 458-2736, Europe and Central Asia Region

1818 H St NW, Washington, DC 20433
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    • Roma

      In Romania unemployment of specific populations remains a significant obstacle to future growth and development. People seeking to gain employment today share a common objective. Find out how they are distinct in terms of the barriers they face trying to enter, or re-enter, the workforce.  Read More »

    Mamta Murthi
    Country Director for Central Europe and the Baltic Countries
    Elisabetta Capannelli
    Country Manager for Romania and Hungary, The World Bank