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Denys Erwin, Stanley Victoria, Mills AlisonFeb 01, 2014

The aim of this case study is to highlight, within the context of a gender pilot of the Peru Sierra Irrigation Project, how women's different needs were identified to facilitate their access to training and to...

Working Paper
Byskov Steen, Jaeger Johanna, Caal Guillermo, Den-Toll Karen, Karmali Nadeem, Rutman Jose, Thomas David, Izaguirre Juan CarlosNov 01, 2013

The diagnostic review for consumer protection and financial literacy (CPFL) provides a detailed assessment of the institutional, legal, and regulatory framework for consumer protection in four segments of the ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Moore Alexander, Straub Stephane, Dethier Jean-JacquesOct 01, 2013

The paper examines the capital structure of regulated infrastructure firms. The authors develop a model showing that leverage, the ratio of liabilities to assets, is lower under high-powered regulation and that ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Woutersen Tiemen, Khandker Shahidur R.Oct 01, 2013

This paper proposes an estimator for the endogenous switching regression models with fixed effects. The estimator allows for endogenous selection and for conditional heteroscedasticity in the outcome equation. ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Gajate-Garrido GisseleOct 01, 2013

Why is the urban-rural gap in child malnutrition increasing in Peru despite government efforts to improve the provision of public services? To answer this question, the impact of regional public expenditure in...

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Review the documentation that the World Bank developed before starting the Juntos Nutrition Project in Peru. Read More »

Livia Benavides, Country Operations Adviser
Country Operations Adviser
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Review the documentation that the World Bank developed before starting the Second Justice Services Improvement Project in Peru. Read More »