Nigeria economic report

    Litwack,John, Nthara,Khwima Lawrence, Kojima,Masami, Dabalen,Andrew L., Hoffman,Jariya, Joseph-Raji,Gloria Aitalohi, Babalola,Olayinka Olufunke  |  Nov 01, 2015
    The Nigeria Economic Report (NER) is a regular publication of the World Bank. Each edition provides an overview of recent macroeconomic developments and devotes special attention to a topic of particular relevance...

    Doing business 2016 : measuring regulatory quality and efficiency - Nigeria

    Oct 01, 2015
    This economy profile for Doing Business 2016 presents the 11 Doing Business indicators for Nigeria. To allow for useful comparison, the profile also provides data for other selected economies (comparator economies)...

    State water agencies in Nigeria : a performance assessment

    Macheve,Berta Adelaide Da Silva, Danilenko,Alexander V., Abdullah,Roohi, Bove,Abel Paul Basile, Moffitt,Larry Joe  |  Sep 08, 2015
    This document provides the government of Nigeria with a structured and coherent quantitative snapshot of the state of national urban water sector. The focus is on water provision by state water agencies (SWAs) or...

    Creating jobs through a business plan competition : evidence from Nigeria’s youwin competition

    Mckenzie,David J.  |  Sep 01, 2015
    The youth enterprise with innovation (YouWiN) in Nigeria program is a business plan competition for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. It has the stated objective of encouraging innovation and job creation through ...

    The challenge of subnational revenue mobilization : the case of Edo state in Nigeria

    Joseph-Raji,Gloria Aitalohi  |  Sep 01, 2015
    Nigeria operates a decentralized system of government consisting of three tiers of government - a federal government, 36 state governments, and 774 local governments. The country’s fiscal structure is also ...
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