Year in Review

The global economy improved but there were plenty of unsettling and upsetting events. Here’s what 2017 looked like in 12 charts.

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World Bank Group Announcements

World Bank Group made a number of new announcements in line with its ongoing support to developing countries.

Learning to Realize Education’s Promise

"Learning to Realize Education’s Promise" looks into how to expand the scope and quality of education around the world.

El Renacimiento School in Villa Nueva Guatemala


Outlook Jul 01, 2017

Global Economic Prospects

Outlook Oct 04, 2016

EU Regular Economic Report

Report Mar 07, 2017

Reaping Digital Dividends

IDA18: A World of Possibility

IDA18 presents a bold paradigm shift in how it mobilizes finance to support a significant policy package to help IDA clients achieve their development goals. The Eighteenth Replenishment of IDA (IDA18) is the largest replenishment in IDA’s 56-year history and heralds a significant step change in its policy and financing framework.


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