Montenegro Research


Policy Research Working Paper
Bjornskov Christian, Bogetic Zeljko, Hillman Arye L., Popovic MilenkoApr 01, 2014

The principal focus in the substantial literature on impediments to economic development has been on the inadequacies of policies and governance. However, successful economic development requires effectiveness of ...

Sep 10, 2013

The World Bank Group is committed to including a gender lens in its activities and addressing gender-specific challenges to reduce inequalities between women and men. Europe and Central Asia’s 'Gender at a ...

Cortez Rafael, Pande Aaka, Eozenou PatrickJan 01, 2013

The 14 indicators describe a country's macro-fiscal environment to identify constraints or opportunities for health systems financing. For each indicator two aspects are important: level and trend. A country with...

Country Economic Memorandum
Dec 21, 2012

This report is intended to provide analytical support to the government of Montenegro and inform its development strategy as it embarks on the next stage of the European Union (EU) integration process. Montenegro...

Oct 25, 2012

The transport system of a country has long been acknowledged to be a necessary component in facilitating economic development and poverty alleviation-it is critical for a small country like Montenegro. For a ...