Country Office Contacts
Pristina, Tel: +381-38-224-454

Rruga Prishtinë - Fushë Kosovë, 10060 Pristina

Washington, DC Tel: +1 (202) 458-2736, Europe and Central Asia Region

1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433

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Kosovo Research



Working Paper
Dec 03, 2013

Since 2006, the World Bank has employed a programmatic and sub-regional approach to poverty focused analytical and policy work in the Western Balkans (comprising Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Former ...

Sep 10, 2013

The World Bank Group is committed to including a gender lens in its activities and addressing gender-specific challenges to reduce inequalities between women and men. Europe and Central Asia’s 'Gender at a ...

Other Poverty Study
May 01, 2013

The 'Labour Force Survey 'has been conducted in 2012 and these results cover the period from January to June 2012. Data collection continued for the rest of 2012 and a more detailed report covering January ...

Other Poverty Study
Mar 01, 2013

This report focuses on absolute poverty, comparing living standards to a poverty threshold that is held fixed in real terms over time and space. The monetary value of the poverty line is updated annually to account...

Country Environmental Analysis (CEA)
Jan 01, 2013

A Kosovo CEA is a World Bank analytical tool used to integrate environmental issues into development assistance strategies, programs, and projects. To that end, the CEA synthesizes environmental issues, highlights...

Economic Development

Review of the World Bank program activities in Kosovo since 1999 - all in one booklet! Read More »


Kosovo has one of the largest migration flows in the world. This study describes migration and remittances trends in Kosovo, and other countries’ migration policies. Read More »