Energy Cleanup and Reclamation in Kosovo

September 26, 2013

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More than 40 years of coal-fired power generation has resulted in a legacy of emitting vast quantities of ash into areas surrounding Kosovo’s power plants, polluting the country’s air, and creating a hill of ash visible for more than 10 kilometers. The World Bank Group has been working with the Government of Kosovo since 2007 to address these issues.

The Kosovo Energy Sector Clean-up and Land Reclamation Project has been funded in part through $10.5 million in grants from the International Development Agency (IDA) and $3.15 million from the Kosovo Energy Corporation.

Results from this project have included the planting of nearly 100,000 trees on dump areas, the reclamation of more than 600 hectares for natural habitat creation, community development, and other land use purposes. Approximately 18,000 cubic meters of toxic waste from an abandoned gasification plant have been treated and removed from the site. The highly polluting open ash transport system at the old Kosovo A power plant has been replaced with a wet ash transport system, which has ended the practice of dumping of fresh ash on open surface.

Recent additional financing for this project will also provide financing for the removal of any remaining priority toxic waste found at the site and its proper disposal, fund three online air quality monitoring stations, and help develop a laboratory analysis program to collect and analyze baseline environmental data in the soil, groundwater and surface water, and river sediments.