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Working Paper
Mar 16, 2014

India's progress in economic and human development is one of the most significant global achievements of recent times. Between 2005 and 2010, India's share of global gross domestic product (GDP) increased from...

Policy Research Working Paper
Saleman Yannick, Jordan LukeMar 01, 2014

Industrial parks are as popular as they are controversial, in India and globally. At their best they align infrastructure provision and agglomeration economies to jolt industrial growth. More often, they generate ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Milazzo AnnamariaMar 01, 2014

This paper is the first to show that excess mortality among adult women can be partly explained by strong preference for male children, the same cultural norm widely known to cause excess mortality before birth...

Policy Research Working Paper
Goni Edwin, Maloney William F.Mar 01, 2014

Using a global panel on research and development (R&D) expenditures, this paper documents that on average poor countries do far less R&D than rich as a share of GDP. This is arguably counter intuitive since the...

Working Paper
Kathuria Ashi Kohli, Orbach Eliezer, Anand DeepikaMar 01, 2014

The report consists of the following seven chapters. The present chapter provides the context and the rationale for the study, and outlines the methodology. Chapter two describes the nutrition system in detail...

Mumbai Urban Transport Project
Mumbai Urban Transport

This city, India's largest, holds the record for crowded trains and congested roads. With World Bank support, Mumbai is revamping its transportation systems in one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in the world.

Ashish Khanna
Lead Energy Specialist
Senior Water Resources Specialist
Regional Cooperation in South Asia

There are signs that South Asia, long the least integrated of the world’s regions, is beginning to see the advantages of greater regional cooperation and openness to trade. Read More »