Country Office Contacts
Sarajevo, +387 33 251-500

Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1/B/17, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Washington, +1 (202) 458-2736, Europe and Central Asia Region

1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Research



Sep 10, 2013

The World Bank Group is committed to including a gender lens in its activities and addressing gender-specific challenges to reduce inequalities between women and men. Europe and Central Asia’s 'Gender at a ...

Cortez Rafael, Pande Aaka, Eozenou PatrickJan 01, 2013

The 14 indicators describe a country's macro-fiscal environment to identify constraints or opportunities for health systems financing. For each indicator two aspects are important: level and trend. A country with...

Working Paper
Oct 23, 2012

This tenth edition of Doing Business sheds light on how easy or difficult it is for a local entrepreneur to open and run a small to medium-size business when complying with relevant regulations. It measures and ...

Aug 01, 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia) has accomplished a great deal since the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords helped bring an end to the worst bloodshed on European soil since Second World War Most importantly, Bosnian...

Aug 01, 2012

The health equity and financial protection datasheets provide a picture of equity and financial protection in the health sectors of low-and middle-income countries. Topics covered include: inequalities in health...


Volunteerism strengthens social cohesion and contributes to inclusive national and regional growth; the community, the volunteers, and society all reap the benefits. Read More »

Anabela Abreu, Country Manager
Country Manager, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

The agriculture sector in Bosnia & Herzegovina employes about 20 percent of the entire workforce and remains an important generator of employment. Read More »