Simon Gray

Simon Gray

Country Director, Maghreb Department, Middle East and North Africa

Simon Gray is the World Bank Country Director for the Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Malta, Morocco and Tunisia) based in Rabat.  He has been with the World Bank since 1992. Mr. Gray has extensive middle income country experience. As the Bank’s Country Manager in Serbia (2007-2010), he guided the Bank’s partnership strategy in supporting the country’s transition to a market economy and closer association with Europe.  As the Lead Country Officer for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1999-2004), Mr. Gray supported Bank efforts to help build a single economic-space in a complex post-conflict environment, dealing with a wide range of actors in government, civil society and the international community.

As the Chief Administrative Officer for the Latin America and Caribbean Region (2005-2007), Mr. Gray over saw the business planning and execution of a $167 million annual administrative budget.

Mr. Gray comes from a private sector and finance background. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked at the Merchant Bank of Central Africa, and as Chief Economist for the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, both in Harare, Zimbabwe. On joining the Bank, his initial assignments were in private sector development in economies as diverse as South Africa, Madagascar, Lesotho, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Simon Gray holds a Master degree equivalent from IGIA, Groupe ESSEC (Ecole Supérieures des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) in International Agri-Food Economics and is a graduate from Kings College (QMC), London.

Mr. Gray started his work in the Maghreb at the time of the Arab Spring and has been responsible for overseeing an adjustment in Bank assistance to meet the rapidly changing needs of Maghreb countries, most notably in Tunisia, Libya and Morocco.

Tel : +212 537 63 60 50

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