Kyle Peters

R. Kyle Peters

Senior Vice President, Operations

Kyle Peters is the World Bank’s Senior Vice President, Operations. In his current role, he oversees the operations vice presidencies of the World Bank. He also oversees the World Bank Group’s Cross-Cutting Solutions Areas, including climate change, gender, public-private partnerships, and fragility, conflict and violence.

His top priorities are delivery of the Bank’s lending and knowledge program to client countries; driving improvements in the World Bank delivery model; and overseeing of planning and strategy so the Bank can be more effective in achieving its development goals.

Until November 2014, Peters was the Vice President for Operations Policy and Country Services. In that position, he was responsible for the World Bank’s policies and procedures for operations and change initiatives to improve and streamline the way the Bank provides support to countries. He was responsible for leading the teams working on the review and update of procurement, safeguards, and guarantees policies, as well as the new approach to country engagement. He also led the team monitoring the overall performance and results of Bank operations, including through the World Bank Group and World Bank Corporate Scorecards.

Peters, a U.S. national, has 35 years of extensive development experience, working at the regional and corporate levels. He has held several key managerial positions including Director, Strategy and Operations for Europe and Central Asia Region; and Director of Strategy and Country Services, OPCS. He was also Senior Manager in the Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group and Sector Manager for economic policy in Eastern and Central Europe. Earlier in his career he worked as an economist in the East Asia and Pacific and Europe and Central Asia regions.

Peters received his BA in mathematics and economics from the College of William and Mary. He received an MA in economics from State University of New York–Buffalo.


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