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Population Growth Rate
Complete these exercises with information from the case study.

Case Study 1 Exercises: A Day in the Life of a Traveling Health Care Worker, Cameroon

1. Who is the narrator of this case study and why is she holding this meeting?

2. Who attends the meeting?

3. Why do some people say that the village can support more people? Why do other people say that the village cannot support more people?

4. How can spacing pregnancies help to produce a healthier, more economically secure family?

5. What are some of the benefits mentioned for having large families? What are some of the benefits to having small families?

6. In Christy’s opening presentation, she discusses “responsible parenthood” with the women. If you were to give a presentation on “responsible parenthood”, how would you define the term and what topics would you cover?

7. Christy tells the women that she works with the Ministry of Health. Why might the government want to slow population growth and encourage family planning?

8. Vivian tells the group that some of the men “were angry that outsiders were trying to meddle in our private affairs.” To what extent is having children a private matter, a public concern, or both? Use examples from the case study and your own experience to explain your answer.

9. At the end of the case study, Christy suggests that the group continue their meeting by talking about how to get more of the community, especially husbands, interested in family planning. What are some of the objections people might have to family planning? What are some of the reasons people might support family planning? If you were at this meeting, what strategies would you suggest to bring these two sides together?

11. Look at the Social Data Tables and find Cameroon. What is the projected 1998–2015 average annual population growth rate? How does this compare with the projected 1998–2015 average annual growth rate for your country?

12. Is family planning an issue where you live? Explain.

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