At the end of the 2019 Spring Meetings, the Development committee noted the World Bank Group’s progress on a set of policy reforms tied to the capital increase, and underscored its support for its twin goals, and the overarching strategy guiding its work through 2030.

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We have been on the ground to give you an inside look at the Spring Meetings events, from the key sessions to the bits you might have missed from around the Meetings.

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The new Women Business and the Law index shows that most of the world moved towards gender equality over the past decade. Ten years ago, the global average score was 70.06. Since then 131 economies made 274 legal changes towards gender equality. This led to a 4.65 point increase in the average global score, to 74.71 today. This is a significant achievement—but it also means that women still have only three-fourths of the legal rights of men in the measured areas. Read More.



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